Orchestra of the Age Enlightenment

The Fairy Queen

Wednesday 7th February

Durham Cathedral 7:30pm

Tickets available here

£15, conc £10 U18 £4

The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment (OAE) is delighted to join the Durham Music Service and Orchestras Live for our second residency in Durham which will culminate in this evening’s performance with children from 8 Durham primary schools joining the OAE in a reworking of Henry Purcell’s The Fairy Queen. Written by Hazel Gould and with new compositions by James Redwood, our story will be told by two singers Soprano Amy Carson and Bass Timothy Dickenson, the OAE and the children themselves.

Our Story

It is the Fairy Queen’s Midsummer Night’s Party and Kirsty and Tim are both excited. They have everything they need – except one thing … a date. Secretly, they both want to go with each other, but neither has the courage to admit it. At the party in the forest, they are forced to be partners for the first dance and are both so embarrassed that they run away from each other as quickly as they can. Telling the truth about how they feel seems impossible, so Tim wishes for more confidence, and Kirsty wishes to change everything about herself … but this is no ordinary forest and wishes do come true. Suddenly confident and entirely changed, they both have some choices to make … instead of solving their problems they manage to make things worse. Angry and embarrassed, they come face to face. Will they keep up the fighting or will they finally be able to find the true courage to tell the truth?

Suitable for the whole family.